Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Keeping Up and a Challenge

This poor, poor blog, languishing from neglect, mistreatment. Why, the blog protective services could come take it away from me, if I don't start paying more attention to it! Wouldn't want that, I've about got the format and layout where I want it, can't imagine why I'd want to start from scratch. LOL.

So, I've made it a goal (an unwritten one, tho), to attempt to keep up here. I mean, when I need a break from writing, why should I turn to doing something like, say, folding laundry when I can come here and play?

Speaking of playing, I've been messing around on Squidoo and have made several pages on the craft of writing romance novels. The "main" page is called Writing Romance Novels. The other pages (The Mechanics of Writing Romance Novels, Revising and Aditing your Novel, and Creating Conflict in Romance Novels) are accessible from that main page, or simply click on them, here. It's a fun and convenient way to keep track of what I've learned over the years about writing. And a great procrastination destination if the Muse is playing hooky.

Here's a challenge for anyone who needs to play a bit, take a break or fire up the ol' braincell...Look at the picture and set a scene in it. Feel free to post your scene as a comment to this post. C'mon. Don't be shy. I need reading material! GGG.

Happy Writing.

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