Wednesday, April 01, 2009


A few years ago, Sherry (Shara) Jones, Meg Allison and I did a series together---the Pops' Girls series. Great fun, writing that with Sherry and Meg, and in the course of creating our covers, our publisher misspelled Meg's title (Learning to Love) and the result, after much hilarity, was this Leering for Love book cover. Yes, I've saved this cover for years. Every now and again, I look at it and just laugh. Now you can join me in the laughter.

Gee, if anyone would like to write a back cover blurb for this novel and post it in my comments, go for it. Just keep your blurb clean and non-offensive, please.

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Laura Hamby said...

Lola was a sweet young thing, completely unaware of her exquisite beauty and its affect on men. She did wonder, however, why dirty old men leered at her on a daily basis, and decided that she'd find true love some day.

He was a dirty old man of the worst caliber. Scruffy, unshaven and unacquainted the concept of showering, Walt only wanted the most beautiful girl in the world to be his.

Will these two mismatched seekers of the elusive HEA find their HEA together?