Thursday, May 14, 2009

Resistance is Futile...

As I've been working on pulling my submission together, I've taken short breaks to see what's going on in the world. What's caught my attention?

Jon and Kate + 8 and the media circus that has taken over their lives. Um...all I can say is isn't it a bit disingenuous to be surprised to find your personal lives splashed all over the tabloid covers and popular entertainment magazines when you've chosen to allow film crews into your home to film/show on your reality show things like potty training your children? I mean, really. Did we really need to see those adorable children potty trained, watch their mother take photographs of the first potty poo? If you've proven yourself willing to cross THAT line, well, then, I think you leave yourself wide open. There are 8 people I feel sorry for in this entire mess, and those would be the twins and the sextuplets.

The New Star Trek movie is boldly going where no Trek has gone before. And it's about time! We saw it last Saturday and we loved it. And thus, a new generation of Trekkies is born---in this case, that next generation would be my kids. They wanted to go see it again when we went to see Wolverine on Mother's Day (nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a nice nekkid Hugh Jackman butt on the big screen.). And, for the first time in our lives, we sat in a theater that had stadium seating---when we saw Trek. For Wolverine, we had a private showing. No kidding. We were the only ones in theater 13 for the first morning show. Not too shabby.

American Idol is down to the final two contestants. Um. I may be the ONLY person in the United States of America with this opinion, but I'll risk it. Big Whoop-tee-doo. I never did understand the allure of that show. I'd rather watch House or NCIS reruns on USA. Maybe that makes me weird, but that be so, then I'll just hafta make the best of it.

Arlen Spector changed political parties, bringing the Senate just 1 Democrat short of having making the Republicans panic.

Did you know it's MAY? MAY! That magical month before June, which is the halfway mark for 2009 being over. Can you believe it?

And now, my nose is going back to the grindstone, as it were. A friend of mine asked me about the condition of a nose that's held to a grindstone. I told her it's flat.

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