Monday, June 22, 2009


So, it's summer vacation---the boys are out of school. We accompanied Mr. Laura to Arizona last week, where Mr. Laura attended training for his job. We have rellies there, and this was the first time the boys got to meet their extended cousins. Lessee... Mr. Laura's mother and Cousin C in AZ's father were first cousins as MIL's father and Cousin C's grandmother were brother and sister. This makes Mr. L and Cousin C first cousins, once removed. Beyond that, I'm muchly confuzzled and am happy to say "Cousins. We're all cousins." Like me, Cousin C has 3 of a kind, but of the opposite leaning.

That was "vacation" for my boys. Today, we're hip deep in What Mom Planned For Summer Vacation.

1. Summer Home School Assignments
2. Chores (daily, weekly rotating, weekly non-rotating)
3. Reading

Yeah, I'm popular. The other thing we're working on this summer is Not Annoying Mommy. Yep. Mom's not so much into the squabbling/arguing/fighting/sniping at each other carp the boys like to engage in. Yeah, I know, I have 2 sisters of my own and it's endemic and often unavoidable, but like the schools, I've adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy. They get one "Knock it off" or "That's Enough!" and then it's straight to their rooms. Yeah. Mom's getting grumpier with every passing year.



Happy summer to all!

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