Friday, August 21, 2009


My Kitty cannot STAND the dog. She's been angry with us ever since we brought Pikachu home, now nearly 3 years ago. Kitty cats sure know how to hold a grudge. Kitty's usual response to just the sight of the dog is to lay her ears back, growl a warning deep in her throat and hiss. If the dumb dog is stupid enough to think this is an invitation to play (and yes, I love my dog dearly, but she IS stupid enough to think this is a gold engraved on platinum invite to play), the cat will box Pikachu's ears, often repeatedly, before she yowls and races away to her Safe Zone.

So, imagine my surprise last night, when I found the dog and the cat napping on the same table. Yes, big heaving sigh, table. Our former kitchen table, it now has a position of honor against the back of the couch. It holds a lamp and has been designated the Homework Desk. Usually, it's the Throw All The Schtuff You Don't Want To Put Where It Really Belongs Table, but every now and again, I get mad and clear it off. But I digress. Being only armed with a cell phone camera and an outdoor disposable camera (no flash), in the house at night, these probably won't win any photography awards. No, you don't need new glasses. They're a bit fuzzy. Whatcha gonna do when you're taking photos on a silly cell phone?

This is from the vantage point of my chaise lounge part of the couch, only, um, clearly I don't usually sit on it facing backwards. Yes, that's Kitty's back end and Pikachu in the distance.

Since cell phone cameras aren't equipped with a zoom feature (at least mine isn't. I'm sure that it'll be a standard feature soon. LOL), believe me when I say Kitty is on the table. She's on the far end of the table, by the DVD stand.

Aren't they cute? You should've seen them when they were asleep. Pikachu, however, knows when a camera is pointed in her direction, and like a diva dog, likes to pose.

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