Friday, August 14, 2009

End of Summer Vacation Mania

I Donwanna.

I Donwanna go through each child's closet and dressers to clear out the clothes that no longer fit, aren't suitable to wear to school, aren't suitable to wear AT ALL... I just Donwanna.

But I'm running out of time. School starts for my oldest a week from today, and for the other 2, a week from Monday (HOORAY! SCHOOL! HOORAY!).

Now, for many years, I've carefully saved every item of clothing that was fit to pass along, but as my boys are now getting older, and it's VERY clear that NONE of them have the same shape any more, there's no reason for me to save the size 14 husky jeans my oldest wore, oh, what, 2 years ago? Recently, while I was in the shower (where for a very odd reason, I decline to wear my glasses), my husband came in, held up something and demanded, "Aren't these [Kid #1's] jeans?" Oh. Sure. I have water in my eyes, I can't see clearly beyond the glass door of the shower even if I squint, so that is the best and most convenient time to quiz me about the kids' clothing, of course. Me: "What size are they?" Mr. Laura: "I don't know." Me: "Well, I can't tell you a thing from the shower." Mr. Laura sighs and says, "Um, 14 husky." Me: "Those don't fit Kid #1 any more." Mr. Laura: "But they were in his closet."

At this point, I grind my teeth. Yes. They probably were. Because, when we were moving in, someone, instead of letting me get to the boys' clothing in my own good time (which, I'll admit, I'm on my very own, special and unique time zone), decided to "Help" and hung up everything that came out of the box labeled with the kid's name. Never mind I'd mentioned I intended to go through the clothes as they got put away. No, I wasn't Getting To It Soon Enough and therefore, I CLEARLY needed Help. Thanks, Honey. Since he meant well, I ground my teeth and bit my tongue---really damn hard---and said nothing. But as a result, yes, all the boys have clothes hanging in their closets that no longer fit them. It's one of my Very Most Favoritest Chores In The Whole Wide World, going through the clothing, so I've been putting it off for as long as I can.

We've had a couple of shopping excursions this week for everything from school supplies, new school clothes, backpacks, shoes, glasses...and when I told Mr. Laura I intended to buy the boys some school clothes he said, "Aren't you going to go through their closets first?"

Um. No. I'm not. Why? Because I know all the clothes in there that will still fit them, probably won't fit them for long, are last year's school clothes, and it's just one of those things a mother knows: kids ALWAYS need new, decent clothes, even only 2 or 3 outfits, at the beginning of the school year. Clothes wear out from being worn and washed. Same goes with shoes, which is why this year, each kid got TWO new pairs of school shoes. Every other pair that is falling apart, with the exception of one really gnarly pair of tennies to play in, is going IN THE GARBAGE. Yep. GARBAGE. They aren't even fit to be sold in a garage sale.

Which brings me around, in a highly confusing and round about way, to what am I going to do with the clothes that don't pass muster when I finally do get around to dealing with the closets and dressers? If they don't fit the kid who's closet they come out of, buh-bye. If, like the 14 husky jeans, they will never fit another brother, buh-bye. Stained, holey and clothes I take an irrational dislike to for no good reason? BUH BYE. We could probably round up plenty of stuff to have a garage sale. Trouble is, the Mister Donwanna, so I'd be doing it All By Myself. Which would be fine by me.

So, I guess the next thing to do, is to grab some chocolate, a Coke, the CD player so I can sing with the Mamma Mia soundtrack and skeer the neighbors because the windows are open to let in the lovely breeze...and Just Deal With The Closets.

Lucky me.

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