Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Are You Reading?

I'm reading Promises in Death by Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb. And while I find nothing particularly funny about death or murder, I must say, this book sure has it's moments. This time, the murder is particularly sensitive, as the victim is not only a cop, but chief medical examiner Morris's special lady.

I absolutely love how the characters continue to evolve and grow with each new installment of the In Death series. Promises, IMO, really has that going on with Eve and Peabody investigating the death of someone special to someone they work with and consider a friend. You always get a sense of what it must be like for Roarke to send Eve to work every day, but that really comes in this book, with this death that's "in the family."

I'm not finished reading Promises yet, but there have been several moments where I wish the chapter was labeled "Be sure to take a potty break before you read this chapter"---I laughed that hard. The stand outs thus far: Eve shopping for lingerie to give to Louise at Louise's bachelor party and the bachelor party. Eve begging Roarke to take her with him to Vegas for Charles' bachelor party instead of leaving her behind with all the women. Good thing I'd just swallowed my soda when I read the part where Roarke demanded Eve show him her penis. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Another stand out moment, one I never thought I'd live to see the day... Summerset praised Eve. Out loud. To her face. I won't say any more, but she was nearly as surprised as I was.

I put the book down long enough to call my mother, another---dast I say it, rabid---fan of the In Death series to tell her to hie herself to the store and buy her copy now so she can enjoy it as much as I am.

So...while I'd like to go back to holding the couch down while I finish reading the book, I'm sorry to report I need to engage in some mundane details like... cleaning my house. :( However, once that's done (believe me, I'm motivated to be FAST about that), me an' Promises will be holding the sofa down again until it's time to retrieve the children from school. Hmmm. I wonder if the schools will notice if I forget to fetch the boys. (Kidding. The schools would notice and would call me to remind me.) :D

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