Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amazing Kitty

Wow! What an amazing kitty! This kitty (pictured) journeyed over 2000 miles and was recently reunited with her human. Such a beautiful kitty, too.

This li'l bit of of odd news sent me looking for more amazing animal stories. I found some interesting animal facts along the way. Facts like polar bears are left-handed. Penguins can jump 6 feet in the air. A group of kanagroos is called a mob. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear. Hippos can stay under water for up to 30 minutes. For more animal facts, here's my source: CLICKITY CLICK.

On with my quest about amazing animal stories, I found this one about a puma saving a boy's life, in a kiddie magazine. I feel like I should try to verify the story, but even if it's not true, it's a great premise for a children's story: Puma and Boy.

Found this on on MSNBC. A stray dog saved an abandoned baby. Seems the momma dog heard the baby crying, and managed to convey the crying baby to where her own litter rested. Awwwww.

For my own pet story, I couldn't say how amazing it is, but it was sweet... Pikachu was a little over a year old when this happened. I kept my middle son home from school, as he had a fever. Sacked out on the couch and dozing, my boy had propped himself with the couch pillows. When I peeked in on him, Pikachu sat on the cushion over my son's head, and was licking the top of his head and forehead. She paused long enough to look at me as if to say, "The boy's got a fever. Why aren't YOU over here licking his forehead to cool him down?" Then she returned to licking the boy's forehead. When she stopped, my sickie got up to take a shower to wash all the doggie slobber out of his hair. GGG.

Do you have a nifty, amazing, or cute pet story to share? I'd love to read it if you'd like to post it in the comments.


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