Wednesday, September 16, 2009



No, I'm not procrastinating about getting to the writing. It's the vacuuming between the sofa and the wall I'm trying to avoid.

And clearly, I'll go to extraordinary lengths to avoid my

1. Spelunking in the Bat Cave

2. Obsessively checking email accounts (This is an exercise in memory, as I have something like, um, 5, and all with different log in and passwords to remember. I think it's good to exercise the black this way.)

3. Blogging. Twice here, once at Open a Vein and Write, where I had to put a book I read last month on the Must Read list (Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper. You should read it. I did. I liked it. I recommend it, as you can see HERE.)

4. Exercising the ol' writing muscle by THINKING about what I'm going to write on the WIP AFTER I'm done with the vacuuming I'm avoiding. And the decluttering I'm contemplating. And the laundry I might scrounge up to train...

5. And last, but not least, hiding from Sherry Meaniepants. She seems to think that since I won't let her clean the house she's moving out of for the benefit of her ex (HELLO! She really should be leaving nifty things like shrimp carcasses behind in the drapery rods)...I should be writing and sending my efforts to her on a regular basis to keep her entertained.

6. Writing. Okay, so number 5 wasn't last, and I clearly haven't mastered that concept of "last" yet. If you knew the vacuum cleaner and attachments were waiting for you, you'd forget the concept of "last" too. Really. You would. Honest. You should SEE what's between the sofa chaise and the wall. It's bad enough *I've* seen it and have concluded it must be vacuumed.

All sympathy welcomed and encouraged. And if you have a titanium umbrella I might borrow...I'm sure Sherry Meaniepants is gonna try to tap dance on my noggin. Especially because I'm so subtle and I'm going to email her a link to this blog to entertain her at work in an attempt to tricksie her into thinking I'm keeping up my end of the bargain by entertaining her. I think it will work. It has about a 1.394% chance of actually fooling her. Oh, and waving hello to Sherry's co-workers, Crys and Nat. (Insert visual of me waving like a maniac.)

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