Sunday, September 27, 2009

Musings of a Mad Chocoholic Romance Author...

*Mad* meaning "crazy" here, not "angry."

I feel like a ping pong ball at a tournament, all over the place in regards to what I'm working on, manuscript-wise. It's time to settle down, buckle myself into the nice office chair and wear some more letters off my keyboard. Incidentally, my worn off letters really bothers my husband for some strange reason. *I* know where all the letters are without looking. (Thank you, Parents, for making me take typing in high school. Yes, TYPING. Not keyboarding. Nope. We worked on typewriters.)... I have at least 3 different manuscripts to work on, possibly 4 if I consider a free writing Get the Writing Juices Flowing Again exercise I did a couple weeks ago...

Back to finding my stride, my attention span (really, why do I think I need to stop writing at noon so I can watch Wife Swap? Huh? Why do I do that? Oh, because it's fun to sit there on the couch and think, "Gee, you'll never find ME on that show.")

Goals for the upcoming week:

1. Find my stride and get back into the routine.

2. Write for a minimum of 1 hour, 60 consecutive minutes each day.

3. Step away from the JD Robb books. Yeah, I think I'm caught up on the books I had on hand, and I will force myself to stay away from the ones I've already read. Thank heavens reading an In Death book doesn't send any bad calories to my butt.

4. Did I mention WRITE? Anything. I hereby give myself permission to write dreck. Anything is better than nothing at all, right?

Now... I'm going to clear a few of my favorite procrastination-inducing duties off the table, so I have no excuses to start first thing tomorrow morning, as soon as I'm home from taking the boys to school.

Today is a good day to write! (New motto.)

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