Thursday, September 24, 2009


Thursday is our "Magnetic Day" of the week. If we're going to wind up with scheduling conflicts, it will be because everyone doing the scheduling thinks Thursday is The Singlemost Best Day of the Week. Bar none.

I think I may need to insist on a 2-Thursday week. I'm willing to give up Monday in order to get a second Thursday. I think that's a terrific idea.

Scrabble is a terrific game. I haven't played for over 10 years, until this afternoon, and it was great fun. I only lost by 50 points, and considering the length of time it's been since I've played a worthy opponent, I'm delighted with the score. (And the fact that I scored 30 points with a strategically placed "Z".)

There is never any junk food around when I want it.

If children don't like being yelled at or lectured to, why do they present their parents with so many opportunities to do both? Often at the same time?

Remember when kids used to be more afraid of their parents? As in respectful afraid, as opposed to scared afraid.

Why is it we have more channels available on the old idiot box, but there's STILL nothing worth watching on?

The most annoying person at a party will find you and glue themselves to you for the remainder of the event. It's like Murphy's Law, only with a different name.

It's interesting how the office snitch will tattle on you because you're chattering with your mate when you should be working, or will tattle on you because you aren't talking and she thinks it's because you posted a look out guard to warn you of her presence so you could stop talking about her before she gets there.

You can't win for losing. I know that's not original, but it's just as true now as it was when it was first said by whomever said it first.

The more urgent the need for the kids to get their homework done in a timely manner (due to say, it's Thursday, and you have 11ty 91 things to do all between the hours of 5 and 8 pm), the slower they'll be about getting it done. This is a maxim, a truth, a law. It NEVER EVER fails.

When you're late for an appointment, all the traffic lights going your direction will be red.

There will be no one behind you for a mile, and some ijit who's waiting to turn and go your way, will pull out in front of you. If it's a 2 lane road with no passing lanes, same ijit will poke along 10 miles under the speed limit.

There is always one member of any family in existence who insists on running like they're in their own time zone. A time zone that runs about 30-60 minutes later than the time zone you live/exist in.

The only time the phone will ring all day is when you are on your way out the door.

Your back will become unbearably itchy only when there is no one around to get the itch right in the middle of your back...the one spot you can't reach.

Dreams are essential to a good night's sleep. Really. I just discovered this.

Happiness is having a doggie around to lick your feet to show you how much she loves you.

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