Monday, October 12, 2009

Armpit Hair

So I checked the stats for my blog. I dunno why I do this, really, but I do have a fascination to see who's tagging me and where they're from. No, I don't know WHO you are, I just know what country you're in, which is the fascination. Also, it shows me the people find my blog.

Imagine my surprise to discover that someone found my blog by googling "armpit hair."

I kid you not.

Now I'm rackin' my braincell, trying to figure out when, why and what context I mentioned armpit hair. I mean, of all the scintillating topics I could blog about, I'm at a loss. There is really nothing funny about armpit hair.

Unless yours is so long you braid it.

Unless you want it to match the wicked green you dyed your hair for Halloween, and so you dyed your armpit hair with the leftover dye. (Ouch, hope that didn't sting).

Unless you want to know how many hair follicles you have in your armpits and count the little bits you shave off in the shower.

Unless you save all the shavings with the intention of making a montage honoring your favorite hair band of the 1980's.

Other than that, I can't imagine a reason to blog about armpit hair.

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