Monday, October 19, 2009


The Bat Cave at eHarlequin is one of my favorite haunts, and every year we do a Secret Spook (seeing as we're bats), rather than a Secret Santa deal. We've been doing this for um, somewhere between 4-6 years now. It's great fun and the packages are great.

This year, I got spooked by a new bat named Mope. She sent me Banshee's spooky dark chocolate (HUGE chocolate bar---SNARF), and Banshee's dark chocolate chips. It all probably came on Friday or Saturday, because the chips are melted, thanks to the 95+ temps we had over the weekend. In October. Yes, in the northern hemisphere, where it's officially autumn. But I digress. Also, a recipe to use the chips in (the chips will now be turned into fudge, and I'll save the recipe), bookmarks--enough for me to pass out one to me kids and still have one for myself, and then... this handmade potholder with my cave name on it. As we say in the cave, I hates it muchly, and it's currently hanging in a place of tremendous dishonor on my desk, right where I can see it. (The back is black and silver stripes).


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Hippopotamus said...

Beautiful potholder!
And yummy chocolates... mmmm...