Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Didn't the School Year Just Start?

Summer vacation begins officially today for my high schooler. Tomorrow for the other two, however, today is the last day my middle son will ever attend an elementary school. Tomorrow is graduation---to middle school. Wheeeeee! We have an entire summer break for me to get used to the notion that my M-F school bus run for the upcoming school year will have three stops, instead of two. Unless I can work something out with my neighbor across the street, who teaches at the middle school where my son (and hers, handily enough) will attend. I suppose I should see how she likes her chocolate and start plying her with it now. GGG.

So. Summer vacation. Not my favorite season. Seriously. If it's too hot outside, they won't play out there, which means they're in the house. In the house playing quietly and nicely until one breathes the other's air too loudly or something equally stupid. Then the fun starts. Then there's the typical Summertime Curse. It goes something like this: "I'm bored" ... "I'm so bored" ... "I'm bored. Are we going to do anything today besides stay home?" I am proud to announce, however, that I have cured boredom. Really. I have. It's very simple. This one little 4 word gem of a sentence has been known to cure the Summertime Curse. Because I'm feeling generous, I'll share it with you: "Go clean a toilet." Works like MAGIC. Instant boredom ender. Been known to cure boredom for days, even. Suddenly, they just aren't that bored any more.

To ease this summertime problem, we got the boys an above ground pool for their collective birthdays. It's set up on the back patio... catches southernly sunlight for a good portion of the day... all we need are some jets to make it bubble and viola! Jacuzzi. I suspect, however, being the mother of 3 sons, that installing jets will be unnecessary. I'm sure my boys will figure it out on their own. That or they'll demand I add ice. I can remember my mother hauling out containers of hot water to add to the little pools we had growing up, to warm the water up sufficiently for my sister and I to actually get in. Wouldn't want to get cold on a hot summer day, after all. Being periomenopausal at this point in my life, however, I'd now order a glacier to sit upon during the hotter days of summer. Really, I would. Good thing for me, I have a/c and can set it to keep the house cool enough during the dog days that refrigeration for the perishables becomes optional. At any rate, we have a pool. WHOOT. I'm thinkin' if the boys get bored enough this summer, we can call the city to find out where all the "mustn't touch" pipes and electrical lines are in our backyard, and I can suggest they take a little plastic spoon out back and start digging an in-ground pool. I think that's a splendid idea. I bet I could get some of the neighborhood kids to help, too.

Summer can't be all fun and games, however. Sadly. Yes, I'm going to be a Mean Mom (I come from a long, proud, multi-generational line of Mean Moms) and insist the boys do chores, keep their rooms clean, read books, practice math. Yes. Read books and practice math. I know. This may even put me in the running for the Meanest Mom in the Entire Universe title. I need a few mili-seconds to get over my dismay at being nominated for this...Okay, I'm over it. Moving right along.

Figures I'm trying to get back into the stride of writing every day just as summer vacation is rearing it's ugly head. When else would I try to find my stride again but during the time I have the kids home 24/7 and a husband who wants to go do family outings on the weekend? People who see us out and about beam at me and ask, "You have three boys?" "No," says I, "I have 4." Guess who the ring leader is? G'wan. You'll never guess.

So. What are we going to do to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation? Laundry. Go out to lunch tomorrow. Baptize the new pool. And spend this first wonderful, free weekend of summer vacation... Cleaning their rooms in preparation for the next school year.

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