Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's Tuesday, So Why Does It Feel Like Monday?

Gotta love three day weekends.

Happy things about June---school's out at the end of next week, the weather is warming up, it means the year is half over (thunk), days are longer...All's well.

Finally got a bead on where to take the WIP next. Pantster here, unrepentant and unlikely to change my ways. Can't wait to get back to the writing. I'm having fun with this WIP, can't wait to dive back in and have more fun with it.

We're thinking of getting the boys an above ground pool. Would be very nice during the hotter days, I think, to have one out there on the patio, just waiting. Should keep the boys busy and entertained too.

Summer plans--camping, beaching, reading, resting... Can't wait.

Summer clipart from this site.

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