Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Bi-Focal Years

Yes, the Bi-Focal Years have begun. Just as I expected. Now, the nifty thing at the eye doctor's I went to was this machine that takes a picture of the inside of your eyes. Instead of the stinging drops to dilate your eyes, they can take a computer picture now. And, you don't have to walk around wearing shades while you wait for your pupils to return to normal. I'm happy to report, my eyes are healthy. WHOOT! At the end of the exam, the eye doctor, who looked to be about 13 or 14 whole years old, handed me a page-sized card and asked me to hold it where I wanted to hold books to read. I asked if I needed to be able to focus on the letters, she said no. LOL. When I had the card where I wanted it, she put a magnifying disc over my glasses and VIOLA! There were WORDS on the card, not squiggles that were running together in an unintelligible mess. The eye doctor laughed out loud when I said, "Whoa! There's WORDS there!"

However, drama queen that I like to be, I felt obliged to write a requiem for the passing of my single vision glasses years.

Yea, though we walk through the valley of blurred vision, our arms are not long enough to hold the book far enough away so that we can focus on the words. Yea, though the politically correct term for "Bi-Focals" is "Progressive Lenses," thy eyedrops and thy botox injections, they comfort us, and we shall dwell in the land of Bi-Focals forever.


A Saturday in the Life...

Housekeeping. I've decided I've had enough of the garbage landfill that is my desk and started cleaning it. Looking at all the piles I have on the floor, I'm flabbergasted and amazed at the amount of, well, crap, that has lived on my desk. Somewhat appalled, too. I'm almost done with the desk. Then there remains the issue of the floor. Luckily for me, I still have one more desk and the file cabinet to go, so some of these piles will find other homes. I've also found pictures from the RWA of 2008, with pictures of myself, my mother and my batty friends from Australia, Valerie Parv (google her, she's a famous writer) and Bronyn Parry, who is also a published author. In my treasure trove of pictures, one with me and Nora Roberts. (Insert silly, star-struck giggle here). I'm going to decorate my desk with my pix, as well as the picture of Sherry and I from our cavation that was taken at Kemah Boardwalk. I think I'll create an Inspiration Montage. I also have been arranging my bat collection.

In between cleaning the desk, we went to the scout store, a leather store, Famous Dave's for lunch, and saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was a good movie---fantastic special effects and there was a scene anyone old enough to remember the original Disney animation of the same name will recognize.

Also, got a good start on a new WIP yesterday, so am delighted with that. And am looking forward to the revision/aditing stage for the ms that I just finished.

Happy weekend to all! May you be cooler than you already are.

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