Friday, July 23, 2010

Miranda-izing My Characters

So, there I was, IMing with Sherry last night and groaning that yet TWO more characters were lobbying for names and that the Muse has been throwing snippets of ideas at me. Not that I'm displeased with that at all, I'm rather delighted, actually, as it's been a long, dry spell. But really. Now? I need to finish one to send out into the world. It's summer vacation, and I'm surrounded by reminders that my characters, when they get around to doing the deed, need to use protection. I started a paranormally thing while camping at the Grand Canyon that won't go anywhere, it was just my Muse teasing me...And now, there are 2 more ideas lurking. One already has named characters, the other doesn't. Just rather ambiguous ideas, as I write...well...organically. I think that's a prettier way of saying "I write by the seat of my pants" or "I'm a pantser."

So Sherry says, "Name 'em and escort them to the Character Lounge." The Character Lounge is that place in my mind where I store characters. Once installed there, they never leave. Ever. No writerly empty nest syndrome for *me*.

And that, of course, got the old braincell ticking, and I replied thusly to Sherry's brilliant idea:

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be written down in a book and submitted to editors for their consideration for publication. You have the right to a Muse and to have a Muse present during any writing of the first draft. If you can't afford a Muse, one will be provided for you at no expense. Do you understand these rights?"

So, characters---both named and unnamed...Are we clear?

Huh. They're waiving their rights to be silent.

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