Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Playing Designer

Every now and again, I get the wild idea to update the look of my blog or my website. Did the website not too long ago (CLICK HERE) and as you can see, the blog just became my latest decorating "victim."

I use the word 'victim' with many caveats...the main one being that I'm not personalizing my blog by implying it can be a victim, just that it fell prey to my latest whim/urge/need to, if you'll allow the analogy, move the furniture.

You see, I LOVE rearranging my furniture. Used to do it all the time, drove the hubster crazy. Now, I have this ginormous couch thing and there is one place and one place only that it fits in the family room. I contemplated rearranging the furniture in my study when I moved the bookshelves to paint the wall behind them, but gave that idea up as too much work.

Seems I've gotten lazy.

Too lazy to move the furniture. Too lazy to force myself to write when I don't wanna. That latter one has been a big bugaboo since we moved from one coast to the other 2.5 years ago now.

Yeah, every now and again, it starts to bug me and I make all sorts of grand plans and goals and whatnot. Truth of the matter is it's very easy to make plans and set goals. The hard part is the follow through. No, I'm not *just* figuring this out. I've realized this for a good long time.

It would be nice if Life/The World/The Universe would cooperate with me. Stop throwing obstacles up in my path (waits for the laughter to subside...waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting...)...again, I'm well aware that "Life Happens." I'm a case study in "Life Happens." And like most people, I sometimes wonder why Life can't happen to someone else for a day or two and cut me a break. Yanno? (The line forms directly behind me if you're also one of those who'd like Life to happen to someone else for a day or two. No shoving, cutting, elbowing...There's room for everyone in this line.)

I thought it might be interesting (and it would certainly make my blog less lonely) and helpful to get me jumpstarted writing in the morning, to make a list of writing prompts, then, yanno, actually DO THEM here 2-3 times a week---the week meaning Monday through Friday. I'm inviting anyone and everyone who would like to participate to do so. Just, um, please remember my mother (and her friends) sometimes read my blog, so no bad language, no graphic violence or sex (because I'm pretty sure Mom doesn't know I know anything whatsoever about sex---or violence---and I'd like to keep it that way.)

And, to cause my blog shock, wonder and amazement, I'm going to post another entry for today dedicated just to writing prompts. See ya on the next post.

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