Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Writing Prompts

Here we go...I'm inviting anyone and everyone to participate in writing prompts. You can post yours in the comment section on any writing prompt related entry I post. You can also suggest writing prompts and I'll try to remember to check my comments to gather up all the writing prompts to post each Monday morning. Monday morning defined by my time zone, that is, which is Pacific. I think. LOL.

Just a few guidelines for what you post (because, as I stated before, my Mom and her friends sometimes read my blog. Oh, and my Aunt, too...and maybe, if I send them a link, my Mother-In-Law and Aunt(-In-Law), and heaven knows we don't want to shock the heckadoodle out of them. Sooooo....)

Keep it clean. (In regards to language, violence, sex---nothing graphic or extreme.) I will delete posts that use those nasty four letter words or post something that's beyond PG-13.

Keep it short. If you're moved to continue writing due to a prompt above and beyond, GO FOR IT! Just don't think this is the place to post chapters or entire books. It's not. It's a personal blog whose blogger is giving writers a chance to warm up their writing muscles before jumping into their own WIPs.

Feel free to share writing prompt suggestions. I'll gather them up on a weekly basis to post each Monday. Would be fun to have a variety to choose from! To get started, I'm going to post several that I'm going to choose from over the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of the next couple of weeks...It figures I'd decide to do this 2 days before I have company arriving...So...this week and next, the writing prompt schedule is as follows: Wednesday (this week), then Wednesday through Friday (next week), then after that, M-W-F. If that gets to be too much (because of Life, yanno,) then I'll go to a Tuesday/Thursday schedule, with notice.

Soooo....here are some prompts I'm going to choose from for the next four posts. (Your suggestions will be published on Wednesday, the 20th)...There is no particular order or schedule...they're "As the Spirit Moves You" prompts.

Let's have some fun together!

Writing Prompts for the 13th, 20th-22nd

Write a short scene incorporating the following: A snail, a humming bird and ginormous tree.

A blind date meet set at a noisy bar.

Short scene with: Palm tree, igloo and one fuzzy boot.

Emote A Scene: Pick an emotion, any emotion, and let a character loose with it. Possibilities to consider: happiness, frustration, anger, giddy with delight, excitement...

Short scene with: A bottle of Rolaids/Tums, a poodle, cloudy sky

That's five, enough to choose from, I'm thinkin'. See ya back here tomorrow for my first Writing Prompt Day.

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