Thursday, April 21, 2011

Writing Prompt 4-21-11

Rolaids, Poodle, Cloudy Sky

Nolan thumbed a couple of Rolaids from the pack into the palm of his hand. The day started out with a rousing five alarm screamfest, courtesy of his fiancee, DeeDee, and had gone to hell from there. He waited for the lone car idling at the stop sign to turn before he crossed the street. The cloudy sky overhead didn't help his mood.

A yippy yap brought him back into the here and now. Nolan stopped just before he stepped on the tiniest poodle he'd ever seen. An irritated, feminine voice ordered, "Frenchie, back in the yard. Is that your yard? No. Say 'sorry' to the nice man you almost tripped."

Damned if the little ball of pink fluff didn't sit, lift a paw, tilt her head to one side and utter an apologetic woof.

"Sorry about that. She's been cooped up all day and now she's misbehaving."

Nolan looked at the woman who stared at him over the ivy-covered fence. He wanted to be angry just because it was that sort of day, but the wide, guileless brown eyes in a heart-shaped smiling face evaporated his need to be mad.

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