Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writing Prompt 4-13-11

Blind Date Meet in a Bar

Melanie strode in, feigning a confidence she didn't really feel. Number one, it was a bar. The kind that played honky tonk music in a dim, smoke-filled environment. Number two, it was a blind date, set up by her well-meaning, newly-wed twin sister who'd decided since she herself greatly enjoyed wedded bliss, so too should everyone else.

Somewhere in this joint, her blind date waited. Melanie scanned the crowd, looking for the man her sister had ambiguously described as "tall, dark and handsome." She snorted at the memory and vowed Marcie would pay for this. Oh yes, Marcie would beg for mercy before Melanie would even consider obtaining some.

Kurt saw her the moment she entered the bar. If ever a woman looked out of place, this one sure did. Yeah, she'd give every other woman in the bar a run for her money. In fact, this one made all the others look like they'd just escaped the pound. However, he could tell by the tense way she held herself and the slight deer-in-the-headlights expression no one else would notice that she didn't want to be there. He could relate. He'd lost a bet and this was how his partner insisted the debt be paid. Kurt would've rather given Tom the hundred dollars than agree to this blind date with Tom's new sister-in-law.

"You won't miss her. She looks just like Marcie."

But as Melanie drew near, Kurt decided Tom was wrong. She was prettier.

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