Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And I Needed to Know This, Because...?

How long nookie with Hugh Hefner lasts. A big resounding THANK YOU to the cupcake who left him at he altar. Thanks ever so.

Jesse James and Kat Von D have called off their engagement. Why is this jerk still in the news?

Aren't headlines wonderful things? Oh, the trivia you can learn! You don't even have to read the whole article. Nope. Lessee...what else have I learned?

Apparently, Gene Simmons has proposed to Shannon Tweed. We don't know what her answer is, because it's the cliffhanger for their reality show this season. Tune in next season to find out, I guess. Or just watch the headlines. Who knows?

Celebrities guys are sick of hearing about: Kim Kardashian (STILL haven't figured out why we must keep up with them, but then again, I honestly don't devote that much brain power to this conundrum), Justin Bieber (no, I don't suffer from Bieber Fever, thank God), Charlie Sheen (never thought he was *WINNING!*---mostly thought he needed to be committed), Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, President Obama. The list is fascinating. Dunno why it's fascinating, it just is...quite a diverse group of folks many are sick of hearing about.

We won't get into what I've learned about politics and the lovely crisis this nation faces because Congress won't cooperate, play well together...COMPROMISE for the benefit of the American people. No, best if I don't get started on how disappointed and disgusted I am with the current Congress. *Stuffs fists in mouth so I don't say any more out loud, and yes, you should be verra impressed with my ability to type with my elbows. Hehe.

Other news...We got stop signs in front our house. We have a corner lot and our street gets a lot of traffic as a minor artery through our neighborhood. One day a few months ago, some a*****e almost flipped his mid-life crisis into our front yard as he took the corner on two wheels, scaring the hell (yes HELL, along with the a*****e word, too) outta all the kids playing out there (my own, the neighbor's across the street, and from down the street, and the kids from around the corner...yet get the drift), also causing me to run outside to find out What The Hell, as well as the neighbor across the street...So a guy who lives on the next corner up, brought a petition for us to sign, and the 2 neighbors across the street who would be most impacted, I guess, by our proximity to the corner, to sign. I signed, no question. The guy across the street (our kids play together, really nice people) signed. The other people? Wouldn't sign until the rest of us did, and I'm guessing, given the stop signs now being up, that they signed. They have no kids, we never see them. Anyway, with any luck, this will slow the maniacs down. Boys reported yesterday that several people rolled right through the stop signs (brand new, so not unexpected), and that the people in one vehicle that did stop applauded the signs. Gotta love it. We thanked the guys putting them up yesterday, as we drove away to the pool.

Now, after a brief outing late this morning, we'll be back and I'll be trying to decide what I need to do: work on my synopsis (thanks Grace, for coming up with a lead in!) or clean out my crafting cupboards and continue getting ready for this weekend's garage sale...Eeny meany miney moe...


There's the minutia that comprises my life at the moment. So exciting, huh? It's not all bon bons, feather boas and tiaras after all. Bummer, that.

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MicheleKS said...

I hope that Sandra Bullock hooks up with Ryan Reynolds- they'd make such a cute couple and they're already best friends. And I think that would be the best revenge against her ex-who-should-not-be-named.

They need to put up a huge stop sign at the entrance to the apartment complex across the street from mine. I actually stopped and glared at one lady yesterday when she came barreling up to the road. Scared the crap of her, which I don't regret at all.