Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bang Your Head

I haven't written a synopsis in years. I can't remember the last time I did, or for which story. I found the words to write the story in the first place, what's making it so hard to find the words for the synopsis?

I want the synopsis to sound like me, reflect my voice. My Muse is screaming at me, "You already WROTE that story! Why are we writing it again?" She's verra persnickety, she is. Maybe if I closed my eyes and simply WROTE the synopsis?

The hook is just as important in a synopsis as it is in the story itself. Got over that hump, thanks to some help from my friend, Grace. Now it's a question of finessing the rest. Okay, can't do that if it won't come out of my brain!

So, I've taken the appropriate steps. I've re-read the manuscript (multiple times, LOL)...I've set out chocolate, eaten chocolate, thought about eating chocolate and baked chocolate brownie chip cookies (and eaten some of those, too). I've stared at the document, played on You Tube (it's so awesome to find your favorite artists performing their music live, but I digress...)...I've played on Facebook, checked my email, cleaned out 4 or 5 toy bins in the boys' room (moving kids in together is soooooo fun...). I've watched TV, surfed the internet (or in this case, the hindernet)...Chatted with friends, read blogs, commented on friends' status updates...In short, I've done everything I can think now, back to staring at the synopsis. And perhaps threatening to ground the Muse if she doesn't stop pouting about writing one and get with the program. Yes, sirree, Missy Muse, I WILL pull this blog over.


There is no way of writing well and also of writing easily. ~ANTHONY TROLLOPE, Barchester Towers

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