Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Life From a Laptop

The PC died last Friday, after several long months on life support. A few words were said over the deceased computer (not suitable for publication, because my mother might read my blog and while she's always maintained she can't hear, speak or read "those words," I suspect she really can and just doesn't want any of us to know she can.) It's also not nice to swear at the deceased, even if it "only" a computer. I wasn't ready for it to be all the way dead. I wanted it to limp along a while longer. Alas, 'twas not to be and here we are...blogging for the first time ever, on a laptop.

I decided the laptop needed a name, and I think I've settled on "Gloria." Funny story about that. My Dad has a great friend who, when I was little, called me "Gloria." I think he was a bit hard of hearing, and when his wife told him, "Her name is Laura, not Gloria" he looked astonished. See, I kinda liked it and answered to it, never correcting him. Sooo...yes, I have a laptop named Gloria. (And yes, I do remember the song called "Gloria," sung by Laura Brannigan in the 1980's.)

So much to accomplish. MeaniePants Sherry has emailed me comments about the manuscript, and I should be working on that, rather than playing here on my blog. Also on today's agenda, getting the boys working on merit badge stuff, finishing cleaning the BBQ, so we can wheel it up the street for tonight's block party, encouraging some kid to mow, another to clean their bathroom...So much to do, one little ol' me.

One final thought...Being an adult is highly overrated. Therefore, I'm thinking of retiring from adulthood, and going back to being a kid. And why not? I didn't have to pay the bills, do the grocery shopping, cook, schlepp kids around...


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