Monday, October 10, 2011

Second Chances, By Meg Allison

Years ago, I had the fun privilege of creating a series with Meg Allison and Sherry Jones. All the books we wrote were intertwined, BUT, also stand alone.

Second Chances
‭©‬2011‭ ‬Meg Allison

A Blue Plate Special‭ – ‬Pops‭’ ‬Girls novel

(Originally published as:‭ ‬Learning to Live‭; ‬story has been edited and revised.‭)

Cost:‭ ‬$1.99‭ ‬USD

Katie Marie Morrison hides behind a‭ ‬flirtatious mask as she serves burgers and peach cobbler at Pops‭' ‬Dinner.‭ ‬Her bright smile and sarcastic wit hides the devastating knowledge she was just a one-night-stand for the one man she ever loved.‭

‬Jeff McAlester,‭ ‬her only lover,‭ ‬returns home for good.‭ ‬But timing is everything and it's Katie who's now ready to leave.‭ ‬Despite their rekindled love,‭ ‬she doesn't want to stay.‭ ‬Can Jeff,‭ ‬the man with bluer-than-blue eyes and highly-charged kisses,‭ ‬help Katie learn to live a little‭ ‬...‭ ‬the old fashioned way with a white picket fence and Happily Ever After‭?




The high-pitched trill of the alarm clock jerked Katie Morrison from her dream.‭  ‬Such a good dream,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬with a leading man that gave handsome a whole new definition.‭

Eyes squeezed shut,‭ ‬she could still see his dark hair and sparkling blue eyes.‭  ‬She fancied she could even remember the deep,‭ ‬sexy voice that would melt butter at twenty paces.‭  

If only such a man were real.‭  ‬But even if he did exist,‭ ‬he wouldn’t be in Glen Meadow‭ … ‬and he wouldn’t give Katie a second glance.‭  ‬Been there,‭ ‬done that,‭ ‬had the‭ ‬Old Maids‭ ‬Don’t Do It tee-shirt as proof,‭ ‬thanks to a friend’s gag gift on her thirtieth birthday.‭  ‬Little did they know how close it was to the truth.

With a groan,‭ ‬Katie pulled the pillow over her head to drown out the bell as it wound down.‭  ‬Just one more minute and he would have kissed her—a searing curl-your-toes kind of kiss.‭  ‬But it never got to that point before the alarm went off.

No matter how hard she tried to go back to sleep,‭ ‬the dream wouldn’t return.‭  ‬It never did.‭  ‬With a sigh,‭ ‬she tossed the pillow on the floor and swung her legs out from beneath the covers.

About Meg

I’m a wife,‭ ‬mom to five amazing kids,‭ ‬and a hopeful romantic.‭ ‬Life is never exciting as my stories,‭ ‬but I like it that way.
A former reporter for a large daily newspaper,‭ ‬I find writing fiction helps me maintain a somewhat healthy level of sanity‭ … ‬except when there’s a deadline.

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