Monday, January 23, 2012

Ode to My Sourdough English Muffin

Ah, I love your toasty, buttery taste upon my tongue
Sweet with apricot preserves
Craggy nooks to capture melted butter
What could be better?

With a side of scrambled eggs and a lashing of bacon
A complete breakfast you make to fill my belly
The aroma of burning bread crumbs in the toaster wafts throughout the house
Who wouldn't want this for breakfast?


Roses are red,
Violets are blue
I'm hungry for sourdough English Muffins
What about you?


There once was a sour muffin
Of English extraction, that's somethin'
In the toaster it goes
It's tasty, goodness knows
This yummy sourdough muffin


Yes, I can be bribed to  not attempt to write an ode, or any other form of poetry for that matter, again. Will entertain all bribes and give them all due consideration. 

Apparently, I'm hungry, and specifically I'm hungry for a sourdough English muffin with scrambled eggs. The bacon was a teaser, as it's in the freezer and I'm too lazy to thaw it and sizzle it.

Since today is so random, I'll leave you with a few thoughts.

This woman is crazy. Go read her blog: The Bloggess. I'm particularly fond of the posts where she mentions her husband, Victor. I almost feel sorry for Victor, but can't quite make it genuine, because I'm assuming he knew she was hysterically insane before he married her and still married her anyway.

What a difference new windshield wipers make. Who knew that windshield wipers weren't supposed to leave funny water lines? *Shrugging.*

Jo-Ann's Fabric Store and Michaels are evil, evil places. They lure you in with coupons and sales, then hold you hostage once you're inside. I always make it a point to text BFF Sherry when I go, so if she doesn't hear from me on IM by the end of the day, she knows where to send the extraction team.

Phil Collins. We got a greatest hits CD last night, while waiting for Mister's new laptop to be ready at Best Buy. It is my intention that while doing the drudgework around here later this morning, to put Mr. Collins on loud and help him sing...and cause the dogs to have spasms. Because it's all entertaining. Su-su-sudio. 

Someone turned the cold on today, and I object. I didn't move to freakin' So Cal to be flippin' COLD. So get with the program, weather, and shape up. As it is, I'm going to have to go upstairs and find sox for the icicles attached to the bottoms of my legs. Thanks a bunch. I hate climbing stairs. 


Oreo Cookie milkshakes.


Nerf gun wars.

Tommy and Dickie Smothers. 


One final thing before I leave you to enjoy the random happinesses you can find in this Monday-Monday...

Happy Chinese New Year!

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