Thursday, November 29, 2012

So Much Going On

With the holidays, kids and school and my job search, it, of course, seemed like the natural time to jump into the pool and self-publish. If that wasn't enough, it occurred to me I could reissue my out of print backlist.

I have been working on It's All Greek to Me since MONDAY. Ack. I had to copy/paste it to my email, remove the paragraph spacing (took the whole day), then recopy/paste to a new document (to remove extra formatting) and on the spacing again. That took another whole day. LOL. I've been updating the story, it is, after all, 6 years old and I mentioned answering machines! Hehe. The storyline itself isn't changing. Just adding details and bringing it further into the 21st century. I'm about 1/3 of the way finished.

So, into that project (with a new novel to format and publish just waiting in the wings), I had the brilliant idea to reissue my Blue Plate Special: Pops' Girls novels. It's a continuity series I wrote with my bestie Sherry (writing as Shara Jones), and another good friend, Meg Allison what, 4-5 years ago. We each wrote a stand alone, then contributed to an anthology. Meg's reissued her contributions: Second Chances and Accidentally in Love (see her webbie, I have too many windows open on my browser at the moment...eek!), and now, I've bamboozled Sherry/Shara into reissuing hers. (Allow me to pause for a moment to laugh like an evil loonybird.) We're going to issue 2 anthologies, Sherry/Shara 'n' with our two standalones, retitled (Meg retitled hers, too) simply Janie (mine) and Cindi (Sherry/Shara's), and our two novellas from the original Pops' Girls anthology.

THEN, if that weren't enough, I said to Sherry, "I'm going to also reissue Cupid on a Mission. Mebbe we could do a Valentine's anthology with a couple of novellas, and use Cupid again." Sherry said, "How long?" This morning, I realized I now hafta write a novella for this project. Bwahahahahahaha. Outsmarted myself there.

Sherry and I also have some Brides themed novellas and spooky themed novellas. Yes, the possibilities are endless.

I'm just thrilled I bamboozled Sherry back into The Game again.

Okay, so why am I blogging when I have a webbie to update, a novel to finish updating/formatting, novellas and novels to write, books to publish...?

PS...For authors looking for (at the moment) free promo, I've created a new website: Books! Books! Books! in the hopes of attracting readers to their favorite, as well as, new authors.

Now I'm really leaving.

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