Thursday, January 17, 2013

The World of Pops' Girls: Blue Plate Special

Several years ago, about 7, I think, Sherry (Shara) Jones, said the words, "Continuity series" to me, and that was the jump off point for creating Momma, Pops, the dinner, Sissy Hobart, Sissy Peters, the diner and the town of Glen Meadow. We drew Meg Allison in, and off we went.

And what a world we created! Working in tandem to keep our timelines straight and weaving our stories together, yet writing them to stand alone, too, was quite an experience. It is my favorite writing experience by far.

Janie (formerly *Learning to Trust*) received excellent reviews all those many years ago, and you can read them HERE.

Cindi (Formerly *Lessons in Love*) also received excellent reviews. HERE.

Second Chances (Formerly *Learning to Live*), by Meg Allison...yep, you guessed it. Excellent reviews. HERE. PURCHASE.

Janie and Cindi can be found in the newly released Pops' Girls: An Anthology. Sherry/Shara and I are thrilled that these stories are available again. We hope you enjoy reading these tales as much as we enjoyed writing them.

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