Monday, January 21, 2013

Love Songs

Okay, I have a You Tube music video addiction. Yep. I do. I'll admit it. Out loud, even. So today, while making a pharaoh headdress for my youngest son to wear to school tomorrow for his class's Dress Like an Egyptian Day, I had my laptop up and music videos playing. I just start with a this case we started, naturally, given the afternoon's project, with Steve Martin and King Tut. Somehow from there, I got to Meatloaf's epic love ballad, "I'd Do Anything For Love, But I Won't Do That."

And of course, I started to wonder what "that" he wouldn't do. I have come up with several likely possibilities for what "that" actually means. Here are my top 10.

1. Put the toilet seat down when he's done.
2. Clean the kitchen sink after doing the dishes.
3. Do the dishes.
4. Go to parent-teacher conferences for his child.
5. Pick up his damp towel off the bathroom floor.
6. Fetch his own beer.
7. Put his dirty sox and undies in the laundry hamper.
8. Squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube, instead of the middle.
9. Drink his orange juice from a glass, rather than directly from the carton.
10. Wear a French maid costume, ankle-killer high heeled shoes and a pink feather boa when introduced to her parents.

Any ideas of your own? I'd love to hear 'em. Feel free to comment.


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