Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello... blog.

Again, I am forced to ponder where the time goes in between my blog postings. Ack..

I popped in on my author page at Amazon, and found this lovely review by Gail Bowen on *Cupid on a Mission*:

A cute premise, Cupid on a mission to further love, and the author did a great job. Not just one couple, but two couples to bring together. One couple was easy, only a few bumps on the road, but the second couple seemed hopeless, yet Cupid persevered and won in the end. I would enjoy reading more Cupid stories from this author.

*Cupid* on Kindle
*Cupid* on Smashwords

I guess this is the elusive sign I was looking for to motivate the Muse to work on *Cupid on Another Mission.* Someone named Laura Hamby better hop to it! Right after she finishes the Eagle Court of Honor invites for her Oldest Son, which can only be done after she goes to Kmart for the appropriate non-showing tape, buys stamps while she's out, rearranges the huge comforter in the washing machine and washing it again because there was enough kitty fur on it to knit an entire zoo of kitties, and bathes. Oh yes, the bathing must happen before the going out in public part. Nobody outside the immediate family who lives with me should be subjected to Medusa Hair, Drooping Under-Eye Baggage and the I Just Arose From the Dead look I'm sporting. Oh, and must put together Mom's and MIL's birthday prezzies...Santa, I could STILL use that clone!

And a timely reminder before I  hop to it!


Rick Hendricks said...

You are correct.

Yuan Sui said...

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