Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That Jumble In My Brain

So loads of thoughts tumbling around in my head. I'm not sure there is any coherence to any of them. Here are a few examples. In no particular order.

  • Hello? Congress? Okay. House? Please stop trying to pass laws that regulate what choices we women can make for ourselves. Unless you're going to start passing laws about Viagra, for example, and mandating intrusive physical exams before men can get that Magic Pill. Let's see less personally invasive bills and more on, say, JOBS. Just an idea. Thanks. Oh, I thought I'd just point this out: you can't claim to be the party of "small government," Republicans, then try to pass laws that require women essentially be raped with vaginal probes when one seeks an abortion. I'm sorry. That is SOOOOOOO not "small government."
  • Now then. Senate. All I can say is O.M.G.
  • If you don't approve of abortions, don't have one. Just because you don't approve doesn't give you the right to make such a personal decision for other people.
  • If you don't condone "gay marriage," don't get gay married, but stop trampling over the rights of others, then scream about your religious freedom.
  • My non-gay marriage is not at all threatened by the prospect of folks getting gay married. Mainly because there are only TWO people in my marriage - me an' Mr. Laura, an' that's ALL.
  • Oh, about your religious freedom. What would Jesus do, indeed. I believe the only folks he had a big issue with were the money changers in the Temple. If you're going to ask WWJD, why don't you DO what He'd do? I'm purty certain He'd be feeding the hungry, healing the sick, helping the poor. *Zips lips and shuts up so ya'll can carry on with your own conclusions.
  • My feet are cold. I should probably put socks on. Guess where the socks are? Yep. Upstairs. Guess where I'm not. Yep. Upstairs. Oh. Wait. There are CHILDREN upstairs. Pardon me, I must pause to holler for socks.
  • I'm making chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. Because several of us are STILL battling The Cold From Hell. I guess I should put the cluck on to cook.
  • Huh. I am still sockless, even after hollering for socks. And there was just screaming from the children up there. Guess I'm doomed to have cold feet for a while.
  • Hah! Found a pair of slippers under the couch. What? Doesn't everybody keep an emergency pair of slippers under the couch for easy access in the event of cold feet? If you don't, you should. *Nodding.
  • I should be writing on the WIP, not writing on the blog.
  • I wrote last night, and I must say, I think I borrowed my friend Amy's Muse. Her Muse isn't named "Shameless" for nothing. Now several of my friends are telling me I can't say I'm innocent any more. I disagree. I am currently innocent of many things...things like brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and the desire to get up and make dinner.
  • My feet aren't as cold as they were. I bet that eases many minds.
  • Currently, it's a toss up: chocolate chip muffins or blueberry, to go with the cluck soup.
  • I love DVR. Mostly, I love fast-forwarding through the commercials. Heh.
  • Okay, Debby Boone, I don't need a lifestyle lift, thank you very much, and the implication that I can only feel good about myself if I get one to "turn back the hands of time" kinda irritates me. I've earned my wrinkles, my sags, my double chins, and my silver hair, and they are my badge of honor. Yeah, I'd like to lose weight (who wouldn't?), and yeah, I have precious metal in my hair, nothing as mundane as "gray." But to suggest the only way we women can feel good about ourselves involves some sort of surgical intervention? I don't like that message much.
  • Okay, gonna write tonight, and mebbe even this afternoon, while I'm making dinner. (By making, I mean the soup is simmering on the stove. Yep.)
  • One last jumble from my brain: Mares eat oats and does eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy...A kid'll eat ivy too, how 'bout you?
  • You're welcome for the earworm.
  • I don't suffer from insanity. Nope. I enjoy every freakin' minute of it! ;)

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