Monday, June 03, 2013

2003 Hardin Way

2003 Hardin Way

Situated in Atlanta, Georgia, it's an address like no other. Whispered discreetly between co-workers, e-mailed between friends, found online by the most frightened searcher, it isn't just a building constructed of bricks and mortar.

It represents hope.

For women traumatized by abuse, harassed by others, or merely looking for an escape, this apartment building provides solace, sanctuary and safety for those in desperate need. Living here, women find strength, courage and -- perhaps most importantly -- the ability to love once again.

Hardin Way -- where hearts heal.
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Writing my novella, Starting Over, for 2003 Hardin Way was a blast, as was working with Kris Starr, Nell Dixon and Kathi Robb Harris. Born out of a seedling of an idea that 2003 Hardin Way would be an apartment complex where women needing a safe place could go to recover and heal, it quickly grew into this beautiful anthology where women who'd been down on their luck, low on hope, found themselves again.

Now, it's up to each individual author, but I'm donating a portion of my share of the royalties to a women's shelter, and I believe Kris Starr is too. Here's your opportunity to not only get a great read, but to get a great read with a bit of built-in social consciousness.

And if you'd like to leave a review at Smashwords or Amazon, we'd like that too!

Happy reading!


Wendy Roberts said...

Looking forward to reading this!!

Kate Rothwell said...

hey! me too!

Valerie Parv said...

Put it on my Kindle a few minutes ago. Looking forward to the read. It sounds like an amazing concept.

Yuan Sui said...

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