Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pros and Cons... of The Nap

The Big Question of the Day: to nap or not to nap?

I think it's worth making a pros and cons list.

Pros: This is a good time for a nap because the kids are in school.

Cons: I won't get any writing done while I nap, and now is a good time to write because the kids are in school.

Pros: The couch is very comfortable, but not comfortable enough that I'd nap the day away. Plus, I'm tarred, so a 1-2 hour nap would be very refreshing and mind-clearing, and therefore beneficial to the writing process.

Cons: I won't get any housework done, and now is a good time to do that because my mess makers are at school. On the other hand, they'll be home mid-afternoon, and if it's still raining, they'll be in the house, re-messing it up.

Pros: It will prevent me from wasting my time cleaning my house. (See "Cons" immediately above.) Plus, (Wow! Look at the rain coming down!) I might have a brilliant idea about ending the Christmas novella I'm writing for By Grace, one that's even better than the way I intend to end it right now.

Alright... It's nap time, right after this commercial break:

I'm polling the members of my interactive newsletter, Musings of a Chocoholic Romance Novelist, as part of the members only September contest. The poll? Simply vote for your favorite spooky/parnormal romance, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win an e-copy of Out of the Shadows, which includes my novella Haunted. But in order to win you must belong to my newsletter loop and you just have to vote. Easy peasy.

Writing Tip For the Day: Sometimes, the Black Moment can be merely "Dark Gray."

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