Monday, January 29, 2007

MySpace and An Interview for An Article in the Wall Street Journal

... I finally took the plunge, as it were, and created a MySpace page. It's HERE.

I've been interviewed by Katy McLaughlin, who writes for the Wall Street Journal, about my chocolate eating habits. This has made my month, and I'm looking forward to the article, which Katy thinks should come out the Saturday before Valentine's Day. I'm loving the karma involved in this, what with having a February release (more below) with a character who's a chocoholic, and my being interviewed for my chocoholicism. <--- Dunno if that last is a real word, but there it is.

In other news, I wrote 3K on my Brides '07 novella last night, and am loving getting to know these characters. That's one of the best parts of writing, in my opinion--- getting to know the characters. These characters even followed me into the shower this morning. Was rather crowded, but whatcha gonna do? LOL!

It's the last Monday of January. Shocking, huh? This non sequitor brought to you just for the heckadoodle of it.

I'm excited about the February release of Cupid on a Mission. Here's Cupid's back cover blurb:

Cupid’s mission takes him to Chadwick, Kansas to reunite a couple separated by their past. Cupid, being Cupid, can’t help himself or limit himself to his assignment. When another unlikely pair come into Cupid’s sights, the god of love winds up with more than he bargained. Are there enough M & M’s in the world to satisfy Cupid’s love of the candy while he completes his mission to help Nathaniel and Gail overcome the hurts of the past and rediscover love is still there? Are Cupid’s arrows potent enough to encourage Rick to find that true love, Coralie, lives across the street?

Yeah, I'm feeling the need to give away more M & M's soon... Blame Cupid and Katy McLaughlin. ;-)


Shara Jones said...

You celebrity STUD!! How appropriate to have a M & M addicted Cupid, courtesy of a self-avowed Chocoholic?

robynl said...

You will be famous, lol. You feel like giving away and I fell like receiving it, LOL. Too funny!!!

Laura Hamby said...

LOL, Robyn! Yep. I'll be givin' away M's...

Which reminds me... I had a sick kid last week, and have the M's to mail to the winners... Now, I hope I have ENVELOPES! GGG

Anonymous said...

FYI - You can access Wall Street Journal articles for free with a Netpass:

Jessica Raymond said...

That's so exciting!! You must put up a link when it's out so we can all read :)

Jess x