Monday, April 16, 2007

We Are Gathered Here Today...

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of a valiant little hairdryer. A hairdryer that went to it's maker in the middle of this morning's hair styling. Yea, tho I will walk into the world with hair that has been dried fluffy on one side, and flat on the other because it had to air dry, due to the untimely passing of my hairdryer, I cannot fault my hairdryer. Nay, it served my hair well for more than a decade-- bringing fluff and style to hair that would rather just lie there and look cruddy. We must remember the sacrifices the hairdryer made to insure I never had a bad hair day: living under a sink when not in use; being used as a hold-up weapon to keep children at bay; traveling around the good ol' US of A... It had a good life. A life spent in the service of others is a meaningful life.

Yea, while it might be possible to get a new hairdryer, it won't replace the dearly departed. So, it is with flat hair that I get out my curling iron this morning, to bring some sort of style to hair that, as I am, is mourning the loss of our hairdryer.

Rest in Peace, valiant hairdryer. You will be missed.

~Burial will occur later this morning. Graveside services to be conducted tomorrow, at the curb, with a garbage man officiating.


Laura Hamby said...

It's a miracle! The hairdryer came back to life! There is great rejoicing in the Laura Household!

Hehe... I'll bet it decided it didn't like the funeral arrangements I blogged about. Bwahahaha!

But, my hair is still flat on one side.

Jessica Raymond said...

LOL -- I was about to offer my condolences but now I see they're unnecessary! Did it just cut out? Mine does that if it overheats -- it makes a funny burnt smell and refuses to switch back on, but it's always fine once I've left it for 10 minutes or so.

Jess x

Laura Hamby said...

Yep, that's what it did, Jess. Right in the back of my head. Left side, nice and floofy... Right side... left to air dry. Really was a bad hair day yesterday-- it looked horrible. The fact that I need a haircut might have something to do with it. GGG