Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rejection Suggestions

You got a rejection letter. Big bummer. Whatcha gonna do about it? Cry in your alcoholic beverage? Whine, moan and groan? Yeah, go for it, and when you're done feeling sorry for yourself, here are some suggestions for that rejection letter.

1. Put it in the bullseye section of a dart board. Throw darts at it.
2. Use it as wallpaper in the bathroom or pantry.
3. Line the birdcage with it.
4. Write the editor a rejection letter in return.
5. Make a paper airplane and use it to choose by dive bomb method which chocolate
treat you'll eat next.
6. Tear it into pieces and decopage (spelling extremely suspect there) something.
7. Sing "Return to Sender" to the rejection letter. (*She wrote upon it-- return to sender! Address uknown! No such number, no such zone...*)
8. Start a rejection letter scrapbook. Make mental note to take said scrapbook on the Oprah show once you're the next Nora Roberts.
9. Frame it and hang it-- display it over your computer-- it's a badge of honor.
10. Learn what you need to learn, apply said lesson to your next wip, and keep


Grace Tyler said...

I prefer #4 myself, though that strategy is not advised if you intend to submit to that house again in future.

Laura Hamby said...

Yeah, there's always that to take into consideration.