Wednesday, August 08, 2007

*A Slice of Summer* Reviewed...

A Slice of Summer -- a Moonlit Beach Duet -- has been reviewed by Romance Reader at Heart.

A SLICE OF SUMMER is just plain fun. A fast, entertaining reading, this is the perfect volume to pop into an E-book reader and take to the beach. I enjoyed every moment of reading this. Both stories have intriguing characters and solid plots, and if contemporary romance appeals to you, this little gem is for you. ...this is a swift read, entertaining and amusing. Both stories have a beachy feel which is perfectly appropriate for the season, although they're so well written they'll be appreciated anytime of year.

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Denise Patrick said...

I'm to old to remember this kind of stuff. These are the only ones I can remember.

1. Which kid's show had a character called "Mr. Green Jeans"? Captain Kangaroo
2. Who wrote "Are You There, God, It's Me, Margaret"? Judy Bloom(?)
3. Which television show premiered in September, 1966 and has 4 "spin-offs"? Don't have a clue - I was living in Germany at the time.
4. Morgan Freeman was in this 1970's kid's show. I was too old for kid's shows in the 70's.
5. Besides Sonny and Cher, who else made a "guest appearance" on Scooby Doo? Don't have a clue.
6. What show followed "The Love Boat" on Saturday nights? Don't know - if I watched, I turned it off right after.
7. Who were the original 3 "Charlie's Angels"? I can picture them, but I'm terrible with names. Of course everyone remembers Farah Fawcett Majors, and there was Kate somebody, but that's it for me.
8. Which "girl group" sang "Walk Like an Egyptian"? 80's music is Greek to me.
9. Which television show was set at a girls' boarding school? Don't have a clue.
10. Who said, "I pity the fool"? Mr T from the A Team