Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Clickity Click

Thought today I’d post links to articles and tips about writing that I’ve found online. I have a collection of such links, saved in my favorites... in a special folder marked “Writing Links.” (Mental note to self, get in there and organize favorites list. Again.) You never know when you might need to refresh yourself about something you’ve read, so I like to keep my links handy.

Cheryl St. John: Basic Checklist

Deborah Hale: Hooks, They Just Aren’t For Openings Any More

Elizabeth Fairchild: How to Tighten Flabby Writing

Amelia Grey: Tip Checklist

And for some fun (because life would be way too dull without some FUN in it...)...

The History Channel: I enjoy reading the “This Day in History” stuff. You never know what you’ll read that might spark an interest, giving you a glimmer of an idea worth writing about.

Irish House Names: because you never know when you might need to name your house. Or that of a character’s.

Baby Name Genie: just in case you have a last name, but no idea what first (and middle) names appeal to you or fit your character. You can continually click the “wish again” button for more suggestions, and pay attention to the insults the Genie tosses your way for your indecisiveness. (No, I haven’t done that on purpose at all. Nope. Not me... Okay, yes, I have. On at least 2 occasions, but that’s all I’m admitting to at this time.)

Articles gathered from Once Upon a Romance.

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