Friday, October 26, 2007

Spooky Tales... Part Third

Well, gee whiz. If she had everything she needed, would she be here at this crazy old cabin alone?

Again, he smiled at her in such a way that made her wonder if he could sense her thoughts. She reached out with a tentative mental touch. Not the favorite of the gifts she'd inherited from her mother's family. All she could sense, however, was whiteness.

That was very weird, but who was she to call anything weird when she lived her life submerged in same?

"I have food, water, blankets, and I was told there's firewood in the cabin. I'm set." Chayla noticed something moving around inside the cabin. Just a hint, a suspicion, but enough to cause the hair on her nape to bristle.

"I'll go up with you. Make sure everything is okay."

"That's not really necessary. I don't even know your name." And therefore, she thought, not going into that cabin with you. Forgetaboutit.

"Name's Ben Jones, and it is necessary. If you want to survive."

To be continued Monday...

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