Monday, October 29, 2007

Spooky Tales...Part Fourth

Chayla watched her unexpected and unwelcome guest make himself at home inside the cabin. He started a fire, which she had to admit was a good thing as the breeze grew colder now that the sun had set completely.

An odor she couldn't place emanated from the fireplace, and she stared, transfixed, as Ben performed some sort of... well... spell. He murmured the words so that she couldn't quite understand what he said.

"Are we safe now?" The words sounded awful and she wished she could take them back.

Ben gazed at her, his dark eyes fathomless. Chayla felt herself being turned inside out, but for the life of her, couldn't break the mesmerizing hold he had on her. Something wasn't quite right here. Not by a long shot.

She didn't hit the floor when she collapsed. Ben moved to catch her, but she couldn't feel his arms around her either. She swam through a black murkiness where the only sensations she knew where sight and sound.

"What's... happening... to ... me?"

To be continued...

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