Thursday, April 16, 2009

This and That

Isn't this a neat picture? I don't remember where I found it, but I liked the imagery and thought it would come in handy one day to use if I was in need of a writing prompt. As I was looking through my pictures, I found it again and thought, "Self, you should post that so others can see it and perhaps use it as a prompt for themselves." So, here you go. Have at it, if you're so inclined.

Reading...innit it grand? While on spring break with my boys, I got to catch up a bit on my TBR pile, which still towers a bit more than it should. LOL. I read (FINALLY) the first 3 of the *In Death* series by Nora Roberts wearing her J.D. Robb hat. I've read a few that came later in the series and have wanted to start at the beginning for a while. They were awesome. Also, still on the Nora kick, I read all 3 of the *7* series. For a while there, I had books 1 and 3 and couldn't read them until I had book 2. Yes, I like to have all books in the trilogies before I start. I blame my best friend Sherry for this quirk. Incidentally, next up on my TBR pile is *Tribute.* I got it at the RWA conference last summer, autographed and ever'thang, but haven't read it yet (got one for Sherry, too, but she won't read it because it's autographed. Sigh. I keep telling her I shoulda broken the spine myself and licked the cover for good measure. She told me this would have been cruel of me. I mainly tell her this to torture her. Don't worry, Sherry has her own ways of torturing me, so don't go feeling too sorry for her. She's good at dishing back. *GGGGGGGGGG* Took my mother with, and she was so busy getting all her Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb books for others signed, she forgot to get her *Tribute* book signed... didn't discover this until we got home. Was a sad discovery, but I digress.)

What else... Um...Went bowling with my husband today, it was an office event at his place of work, a bonding thing. I bowled more spares in one game than I ever have before and until my hubby finally bowled a strike, I was beating him. I think if I took my bowling score and applied it to golf, I might be better off. My high score today was 76.

Finally, Maple nut cream cheese on roasted garlic Triscuit crackers is DISGOOSTING. In case you were wondering.


Denise Patrick said...

Maple Nut cream cheese and roasted garlic Triscuits - WHAT were you thinking?!? Try chive and onion cream cheese and rosemary and olive oil Triscuits. That's my fave right now.

Laura Hamby said...

Hey, Denise. I was thinking "I want to eat maple nut cream cheese, and these Triscuits are the only thing I have to put it on." Was, um, rather desperate. ;)