Monday, July 20, 2009

The WIP is Done!

Remember that "Ding dong, the witch is dead" song from The Wizard of Oz? Well, I have a different version of that tune whistling between my ears at the moment.

Ding dong, the WIP is done...Which old WIP...The endless WIP! Ding dong the silly WIP is dooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne!

Onwards and upwards!


So, what's next?

1. Waiting for Mean Sherry to bleed all over the done WIP. LOL. And Mean Susan, too. Mean Nell already commented, but I can't call her too mean, since she didn't use any red fonts. I'll hafta chide her for falling down on the job there. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

2. Going to write a short story for the Good Housekeeping short story contest. Why? Why not? While it clearly won't be a romance short story I'm writing, who's to say that I can't turn it into one sometime in the future? Huh? Can't hurt and I think it might possibly help my writing in the long run, so all's good. Plus, it's a nice break from writing longer stories. And I do so miss writing the novella length stories for publication.

3. I think I'm going to post the short story Women's World declined on my website. I think that's my next stop after I post this blog. Look for *Prize Catch* on the Free Reads page.

4. I'm going to start on a follow up novel to the one I just finished. Yep, a follow up, with a very secondary character receiving a romance of her own. I've even written the blurb for it and have a tentative title. Sherry is still passed out on the floor in shock that I managed to blurb AND title a WIP before I got started writing it.

5. Stay cool. It's purty durned hot in my neck of the woods.

Happy Monday, folks. Here's to good books and great chocolate.

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