Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Writer's Blog

...Because there clearly aren't enough in the world, I started another blog for writers. It's cleverly named "Open Vein Writer's Blog". At this time, I post 3 days a week: Tips of the Week on Monday; Spotlight on YOU! on Wednesday (Clickity for more info); "Must Reads" and book reviews, etc on Fridays. Open Vein Writer's Group on MySpace, too, although at this time, I'm only posting Spotlights there.

Other things going on: Not Much. Summer vacation with no school for kids is killer on the writing schedule. Hard to concentrate when every so often someone comes screeching through the house, whistles (which REALLY annoys me), demands food, wants to know what we're doing in the next 20 seconds...I love my kids, I don't love summer vacation.

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