Friday, August 07, 2009

Attention, Muse!

Now hear this! Now hear this!

The R was not unexpected, it was a positive R, as far as those go...I have absolutely no good reason to sit here feeling sorry for myself.

Muse, it's safe to come home. Please.

I've read all I want to about Jon and Kate. I'm caught up with Dear Ann Landers. I'm delighted Ms. Sotomeyer's been confirmed to the US Supreme Court. Thrilled beyond belief that archeologists think they've found Roman Emperor Vessomethingorother's birthplace. Awed that a "Jesus Era" piece has been unearthed in Jerusalem and now fully comprehending the significance of it being inscribed with some ancient words. I cheered when President Bill Clinton brought home the imprisoned journalists from North Korea. Boo'd the state I live in for not being on the list of states offering "tax-free shopping days" for school supplies, also, made a mental note to relocate to South Carolina in the next 24 hours, where the tax-free items are varied and abundant. I watched the summer season finale for *Burn Notice* on USA, a show I'm not sure I like all that much, am looking forward to the season premiere of *Monk*---his final season; the season finales of *Law and Order: Criminal Intent* and *In Plain Sight*---both on USA. I've taken to watching reruns of *Wife Swap* on Lifetime. I posted an update on my newsie loop, even posted a poll to find out what romance subgenre folks like to read. I've read every JD Robb book I own, some twice and three times now and am now scouting through the other books I own to see what I want to read next. Not that I mind reading or have anything against it---I just object to reading for procrastination purposes. I've opened a couple different set-aside WIPs to see if they spark anything. So far, um, no lasting sparks have ignited.

So...Muse. Please. Come home. Bring a good idea with you, something I can get excited about writing. I have my pom poms ready to cheer your brilliance. I have chocolate in the refrigerator. Mr. Laura has agreed to take the boys off on an adventure tomorrow so I can write. Okay, so I can write up a commissioned freelance article from an interview I did earlier this week. But still! He's taking the boys AWAY! I'll be...ALONE! I have 2 hours of doing nothing but sitting in the waiting room at the dentist's office while my 2 older boys get their teeth x-rayed, examined and cleaned. Oh yeah, I'll be telling the dental types "Just clean the teeth. No extras."---That's always inspiring. Sooooooo....

Here, Musey, Musey, Musey! Nice Musey! I have CHOCOLATE! Caffiend! Barry Manilow on the CD player! Don't like Barry? I can find Toby, Brooks and Dunn, Sir Elton...anyone you'd like to listen too!



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