Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Day in the Life...

...You ever wake up in the morning and wonder how many other people woke up that morning with the same thoughts you have?

1. Yay. More laundry training today.
2. Yippee...insisting that Kid #3 FINALLY finish cleaning his room
3. Let's have a rebel yell for mopping the floor. Again.
4. Bills. Why do we have them and why do I hafta pay them every month? Why can't they stay paid?
5. Dear God, they're gonna wanna eat dinner tonight. Haven't even had breakfast yet, and already my brain is on dinner. Ew.
6. Should I or shouldn't I shampoo the sofa, the family room, the stairs today? One of those? All of those? None of those?
7. Why can't I wear my pajammies all day long? Who cares what I have on my body as long as I'm not running around nekkid?
8. I wonder how long it will take the boys to totally and completely destroy the house today if I just stay in bed all day long?
9. I hope all my important people are happy and healthy today.
10. Thank God I woke up this morning.

Find a reason to laugh, especially when you don't want to laugh. Nothing lifts the spirits like a giggle or a belly laugh...And pass it on. Share it with a friend for twice as many laughs.

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