Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, Monday...

...As the Mamas and Papas sang..."Can't trust that day..." LOL. Yes, this is typically the earworm the dodges me all throughout any given Monday. Sometimes, the predictability is just, well, too predictable. I'd like another Monday earworm. Ooo! *Manic Monday* just replaced the Mamas and the Papas. Hot diggity!

So, it's 9:07 in the a.m. as I'm typing this. Thus far, I've...

1. Climbed out of bed at around quarter to 6.
2. Sleepily sympathized with Mr. Laura over his having to report for jury duty today.
3. Woke up the boys.
4. Helped the youngest get dressed (like his mother, my youngest boy is NOT a morning person).
5. Fed 'em breakfast and made their lunches.
6. Hauled them to school (in my jammies, with uncombed hair).
7. Blogged on my Open Vein writer's blog (required I check out some webbies. No, I was NOT playing.)
8. Emailed Sherry. (And, uh, responded to her responses).
9. Made and ate oatmeal for breakfast.
10. Emailed Mr. Laura to twit him about jury duty (twice now, I've twitted him.)
11. Have half-heartedly contemplated what's for dinner.
12. Barked at the dog (She started it).
13. Checked out the bat cave at eHarlequin several times.
14. Watched my friends on IM bounce in and out.
15. Contemplated bathing and dressing.
16. Wondered off and on if I should go check out the nearby Salvation Army thrift shop today or another day.
17. Stared at the dog, who is sacked out on her side, sleeping because she's bored to tears now that the boys are in school and I stopped barking at her.
18. Thought about what book I want to read in the tub.
19. Ignored the housework (I cleaned the house on Saturday, I don't wanna do it again so soon. Sheesh.)
20. Thought about opening the WIP and getting to work on that, but decided to blog, check emails, check the cave, eat breakfast, bark at the dog, twit Mr. L, email Sherry and take a bath before I open the WIP.
21. At some point...stuffing Procrastination back into his cage so I can work on the WIP (which I started working on on Saturday, after I cleaned the house, and around the laundry training I did all that day.)

So...How's YOUR day going?

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