Friday, September 04, 2009

Win a Free Book!

Visit my Open a Vein Writer's Blog (, and post in response to Wednesday, Thursday, today or next Tuesday's (um, well, I guess you can't currently post on next Tuesday's entry, so, um, well, now you know you can procrastinate entering until Tuesday) posts: share the best writing advice you ever received, or something else intelligent (hehe!) for a chance to win a copy of Valerie Parv's Heart and Craft novel. "Bestselling romance writers share their secrets with you."

Contributing authors, in addition to Valerie Parv, are (several Harlequin) authors Jennie Adams, Meredith Webber, Lilian Darcy, Helen Bianchin, Robyn Donald., Elizaeth Rolls, Kelly Ethan and Alexis Fleming.

Wednesday and Thursday's posts were to introduce you to the contributing authors (several Harlequin authors, incidentally). Today's post (and Tuesday's will be as well) are tips that resonated for me as I read this book.

This how-to book is worth the effort of commenting, so what are you waiting for? LOL! Don't comment to this blog, you must comment on the Open Vein Writer's Blog in order to be entered to win this fabulous how-to book. (Link and URL above, in the beginning of this post.)

Contest runs thru Teusday, Sept. 8th, with the winner being announced on the OVW Blog on Friday, September 11th.


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