Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spotlight on YOU!

...Nell Dixon...

One of my favorite authors has a new release coming Tuesday, November 17th, from Freya's Bower. His Darling Nurse by Nell Dixon is available at the moment as a pre-order, but please, pay attention to the warning on the website...don't attempt to download before the release date, or you'll only download a placeholder, not the actual book.


His Darling Nurse
Nell Dixon

Juliet Darling needs a fresh start. With the end to her disastrous marriage, she hopes that moving to the village of Chandler's Gate--where she landed a job as a practice nurse--will give her and her small son Charlie just such an opportunity. Her ex-husband, however, doesn't plan on allowing them to escape his clutches quite so easily.

Dr. Neil Forrest finds his quiet and orderly life disrupted both at work, with the arrival of Juliet and her new ideas about what a practice nurse should do, and at home, where the accident-prone Juliet and her son have moved into the house next door. Neil has developed deep-rooted insecurities about life and relationships since the premature death of his wife. The loss has left him clinging to his precious routines, in an attempt to protect himself from further pain.

It takes a very special little boy, an out of control barbecue and a terrible accident before Neil and Juliet can finally get together, and Neil can make Juliet his very own darling nurse.

Genre: Contemporary
Rating: Sweet
Book Length: Novel
Price: $5.49


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