Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's been a lesson in the power of words around my house lately. As a writer, words are a major tool, they go hand in hand with the actual idea, because without something to write about, the words are practically useless.

Here's a list of ways words can be used.

To express love
To show approval
To hurt
To soothe
To calm
To incite
To anger
To rally
To convince
To teach
To reconcile
To tear asunder
To praise
To pray
To compliment
To chastise
To entertain

Anyone have anything to add to the list? Go for it! Words are power.


Kimberly Joy Peters said...

Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog by hitting "next", and as a fellow writer (and French teacher!) I have to say that it must have been fate. I live for words, and yesterday, my grade 8's accused me of using a lot of big ones when I used "conceited". After I'd explained the meaning, they said "Then why didn't you just say 'full of themself'?" To me ONE word is better than three, but they somehow felt that I was being CONCEITED by using it!

And so I add:

to confuse
to inspire

and, because one of them said something pretty nasty to a classmate today,

to disgust

Laura Hamby said...

Lovely! Thank you for your additions!