Monday, November 15, 2010

Stuff and Such


General observation: it is difficult to type/keyboard with a kitty draped across the keyboard. Or over your shoulder. And it's also difficult to type/keyboard when one is petting the kitty and while simultaneously wiping one's face with the fur-free hand to remove the fur floating up from the petting...Confused yet? Anyone want a cat? I can knit one from the fur I just removed from the keyboard.

Other observations: I'm still confused as to why we must keep up with the Kardashians. Still wondering if I'm a fake housewife because my city isn't featured as one of those with Real Housewives in it on Bravo.

Still another observation: Writing comes to a screeching halt when there are Christmas presents to shop for, make, wrap...Pies and cookies to bake. Just sayin'. I really need to get back into the rhythm. If someone finds my rhythm wandering about looking sad, lonely and lost, please direct it home. Thanks.

My mother likes to freak me out by telling me things like she has friends who read my blog. (Hi, Kay!) This means I must be careful from now on about cursing, cussing, swearing, saying mean things (because if you can't say something nice, then don't say nuffin' at all) now that I know for a fact that my mother is spying on me. Hehe. I thought I'd outgrown this, but I guess it just goes to show that we'll always be Momma's Li'l Baby no matter how old we are. And we don't like thinking about how old we are because gee, now I'm the age my mother used to be when I was, yanno, younger, and that's freaky, too. I don't think there's enough booze or chocolate in the world to get me through this, so I'm changing the subject.

It's getting to be That Time of Year. You know which one. The Holiday Movie Time of Year, so I thought I should make a list of all my favorite holiday movies and inflict it...with those who read my blog (like my mother's friends). And contemplate why I like them. Yes, this has something to do with finding my rhythm again. Trying to get the feeling again (Ooooo, I do love Barry Manilow crooning Christmas classics, but I digress.).

Must See Holiday Movies (In No Particular Order)

While You Were Sleeping---Okay, who doesn't love Sandra Bullock? (That's not an invitation to raise your hand, it's a rhetorical question.) Okay, yeah, it's a romantic comedy (go figure, who'da guessed I liked that genre?)---and I can recite the entire movie. I could, if I had to (don't tell Sherry) outline this movie and create a character arc (but why on EARTH would I want to do that? Talk about spoiling the fun!)...What makes this movie for me? The motivation of Sandra's character for one. For two, again dealing with Sandra's character, Lucy---she's so appealing, it's very easy to feel for her. There are so many zinging lines---too many to mention, but here's my favorite: "If you fit into my pants, I'll have to kill myself." It's light and fun. A good one to have on while wrapping presents.

Christmas With the Kranks---Jamie Lee Curtis, Tim Allen, Dan Aykroyd...Oh, so funny. I saw it years ago and just got it on DVD today (it was on SALE! At the grocery store!)...I can't wait to watch it again. Loved it, been wanting to own it for YEARS.

Miracle on 34th Street---the original. Need I even say a word about this? If the US Post Office recognizes him and delivers his mail to him, then he MUST be Santa Claus!

It's a Wonderful Life---Two irrefutable words: Jimmy. Stewart. 'Nuff said.

The Holiday---Yes, another rom com---I saw it for the first time last year and have it on DVD (bought it on sale last year, too. Also at the grocery store.). Another one to get comfy with---after you chase any men in your house away, because you will want to drool when Jude Law's on the screen. It's like a law that there must be drooling.

Now that I've shared my list, I want to know (if anyone is brave enough to comment)--what's on YOUR Must See Holiday Movie List? Because there's always room on my list for more favorites...

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